A unit of length in the International System of Units (SI) equal to one billionth of a meter (10-9 meter). Once called a millimicron, it is used to represent wavelength. Abbreviated nm.

Nd:Glass Laser

A solid-state laser of Neodymium:glass offering high power or short pulses, or both, for specific industrial applications.

Near Field Imaging

A solid-state laser imaging technique offering control of spot size and hole geometry, adjustable working distance, uniform energy distribution, and easily produced range of spot sizes.


Abbreviation for National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association, a group which defines and recommends safety standards for electrical equipment.


Unwanted, minor currents or voltages in an electrical system.

Nominal Hazard Zone

Abbreviated NHZ.  The space within which the level of the direct, reflected or scattered radiation may exceed the applicable MPE. Exposure levels beyond the boundary of the NHZ are below the appropriate MPE.

Non-beam Hazard

A class of hazards that result from factors other than direct human exposure to a laser beam.

[box]Examples: electrical, resistive heating, collateral and plasma radiation, fire, robotic mechanical hazards, etc.[/box]